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Remote Access

Robert Smyth Academy Curriculum Remote Access facility uses Microsoft Terminal Services to provide a faster, more stable and secure link to Curriculum network folders, files and some resources.

Instructions (Windows)

The facility has been upgraded, and from 1 August 2014 a new connection client will be required for all users.  To use the facility you will first have to download the file below if you are using a Windows machine (other users can get instructions further down this page):

(To download, right-click on the link above and choose Save Target As / Save Link As, then save to your computer desktop.)

The above file has been updated and you should replace your existing file. The newer file will allow you to access your local drive on the remote machine making the copying of files easier.

To use the new Remote Access facility:

  1. Run the ‘rsa-curric.rdp’ file now on your desktop.
  2. If you receive a prompt about a security warning tick the box then choose OK.
  3. At the log-in box, if this is the first time you have used remote access since 1 August 2014, enter a prefix of mha\ before your username, then enter your usual network password
  4. For each subsequent use you will not require the prefix

Instructions (Mac)

For Mac users (OSX), Microsoft provide Microsoft Remote Desktop, a free program to allow remote desktop connections on a Mac.

Software (updated)

Microsoft Office is once again available via the curriculum remote access facility. Users will still be able to access their network areas, and will also be able to copy files across to their own computer for editing. Users are encouraged to make more use of the Google Apps facility, and it should be noted that Google Drive allows the editing of the majority of MS Office documents.

Here’s a guide to using RSA Link, our Google Apps facility.


This facility is intended to provide access to user folders and files on the Curriculum network. These files can be opened, edited and saved quickly and easily during the Remote Access session. However, due to the normal limitations of Internet usage, it is not recommended that you use this facility to either open or save files stored on your own computer. If you do attempt this, you will experience long delays and are likely to encounter ‘Not Responding’ or other error messages.

This facility is also prone to all other normal restrictions and communication issues related to Internet use, such as slow connections, errors causing disconnection, bandwidth, hardware and/or software problems.

Please do not attempt to set this up in school. Our workstations sit behind the firewall, so this facility will not work internally.

If you do experience any problems, please report them to ICT Support Services as soon as possible. If you encounter any issues of concern, please also report these. Before reporting any problems or issues, however, please first ensure that your own facilities and connections are working correctly.

The usual Academy network policies for use and misuse apply when using Remote Access. All use is monitored and logged automatically.

Last updated: January 30, 2017