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Contacting Tutors

The easiest and most direct means of contacting a tutor is by email. If you would prefer you are, of course, more than welcome to telephone the Academy to speak to someone and/or arrange a meeting.


House Leader Mr Davies sdavies@rsacademy.co.uk

B1 Ms F Hunter bragg01@rsacademy.co.uk
B2 Mrs R Eddy bragg02@rsacademy.co.uk
B3 Mrs T Willis bragg03@rsacademy.co.uk
B4 Mr P Waring bragg04@rsacademy.co.uk
B5 Mrs J Tansey bragg05@rsacademy.co.uk
B6 Mr M Coleman bragg06@rsacademy.co.uk
B7 Mr N Hughes bragg07@rsacademy.co.uk
B8 Mr V Madhu bragg08@rsacademy.co.uk
B9 Mrs D Parr / Mrs J Sweeney bragg09@rsacademy.co.uk
B10 Miss A Syngajewski bragg10@rsacademy.co.uk
B11 Mrs H Hackett bragg11@rsacademy.co.uk
B12 Mrs M Sherwin bragg12@rsacademy.co.uk


House Leader Mr E Tucker etucker@rsacademy.co.uk

H1 Mr G Luhrs hammond01@rsacademy.co.uk
H2 Mr S Squires hammond02@rsacademy.co.uk
H3 Mr A Booth hammond03@rsacademy.co.uk
H4 Mr D Copp hammond04@rsacademy.co.uk
H5 Mrs S Hills hammond05@rsacademy.co.uk
H6 Mr G Singh hammond06@rsacademy.co.uk
H7 Mrs A Abbott hammond07@rsacademy.co.uk
H8 Mrs E Corcoran hammond08@rsacademy.co.uk
H9 Mr S Althorpe hammond09@rsacademy.co.uk
H10 Mrs H Petersen hammond10@rsacademy.co.uk
H11 Mrs K Esgate-Green hammond11@rsacademy.co.uk
H12 Mr J Lehman hammond12@rsacademy.co.uk


House Leader Miss J Starr jstarr@rsacademy.co.uk

L1 Mr P White logan01@rsacademy.co.uk
L2 Miss A Pott / Mr A Old logan02@rsacademy.co.uk
L3 Mr S Daniel logan03@rsacademy.co.uk
L4 Mr K Grundy logan04@rsacademy.co.uk
L5 Ms L Phipps logan05@rsacademy.co.uk
L6 Miss A Howarth logan06@rsacademy.co.uk
L7 Mrs L Edwards logan07@rsacademy.co.uk
L8 Dr J Hanmer logan08@rsacademy.co.uk
L9 Miss J Ball logan09@rsacademy.co.uk
L10 Mr H Motivaras logan10@rsacademy.co.uk
L11 Miss H Sawkins logan11@rsacademy.co.uk
L12 Mr N Grimadell logan12@rsacademy.co.uk

Last updated: October 3, 2016