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ICT Systems


Our two main networks, Curriculum and Admin, are currently running across two separate cabling infrastructures. The networks are now fully virtualised, comprising a HP dual-tray SAN and HP servers.   The Network Operating System software on both networks is a mixture of Server 2012 and 2008R2. The client Operating System is Windows 7 Enterprise, and Office 2010 is installed as standard.  All servers and client computers are fully protected by Forefront Enterprise Protection. Our network management software is provided by Burconix Ltd. Impero security monitoring software is also used site-wide.  We also have a dedicated private network for Music.  All switching hardware is HP, and VLANs are in place in order to segregate specific network traffic.

A Ruckus wireless network is available in four specific areas, and our Sixth Form students enjoy the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the Sixth Form centre itself.

Our Internet connection is a 100Mb Broadband line via emPSN.

All teaching staff are allocated a laptop computer, and we have in place an electronic registration system. In addition to the 200+ laptops and numerous Admin workstations, we have around 400 other networked workstations/laptops.

The ICT Support Services Team comprises a Network Manager, Senior Technician, and a Technician.


Information for Suppliers

Please note, the network manager does not accept unsolicited phone calls.  If you would like your company details to be added to the existing list, please mail the main office address in the first instance, with subject line: FAO of the network manager.  We do have preferred suppliers, and an extensive current list.


Eco Statement

In recent years we have taken steps to make our ICT systems more eco-friendly.  We have:

  • Reduced the number of physical network servers from 16 to just 5 servers/storage devices – this has reduced the number of Power Supply Units (running 24/365) from 32 to 10, which as a consequence means the server room requires less cooling
  • Put in place daily scheduled shutdowns for our client computers
  • Purchased eco-friendly hardware
  • Recycled decommissioned hardware
Last updated: November 20, 2015