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Governors – September 2016

Robert Smyth Academy governors perform a crucial role in the Academy’s development and success. There are regular meetings throughout the year of the full governors’ team.  Committees are held for Finance & Resources, Teaching and Learning, Health and Safety, 11-19 Development.  All committees focus on the successful strategic direction of the Academy.

As well as working with the Acting Principal and other staff representatives during these meetings, link governors visit the Academy regularly to work with, among others, faculty teams and health & safety teams, making recommendations to improve further the quality of provision for the students. Governors are often directly involved in the appointment of senior staff and receive and discuss reports from the students, for example through the Student Voice, as well as approving and monitoring the Academy’s budget.



The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to the Governors through the Academy.
All Governors serve a term of four years.

Clerk to Governors

  • Mrs Julie Charter


  • Dr Paul Machon

Community (Up to 8)

  • Mrs Judith Waddington (Chair of Finance)
  • Dr Kevin Feltham
  • Mrs Irene Ward (Vice Chair of Governors/Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee)
  • Ms Josie Bessell
  • Mr A Bohannon (appointed 10/16)
  • Mr S Harris (appointed 10/16)
  • Mr Geoff Green (appointed 12/16)

Member (1)

  • Vacancy

Acting Principal (1)

  • Mr Richard Taylor

Staff (2)

  • Mr Mike Scully
  • Mrs Lucia DeVido (appointed 12/16)

Elected Parents (2)

  • Mrs Sharon Baseley
  • Vacancy

Co-opted Governors (3)

  • Miss Sarah Hefford
  • Miss Anna Hefford (appointed 11/15)
  • Vacancy

Trustees (up to 5)

  • Mrs Janice Hefford (date of appointment 08/11- reappointed 09/15)
  • Mr Adrian Bentley (date of appointment 08/11- reappointed 09/15)


  • Mr Andrew Hitchon (appointed 12/15- Leaver 02/16)
  • Mrs Karen Anderson (appointed 10/15-leaver 04/16)
  • Mr John White-Chair of Finance and Resources (Leaver 05/16)
  • Mr Paul Marks (appointed 11/15-leaver 5/16)
  • Mrs Sharon Ogwang (leaver 08/16)
  • Mrs Lucy Fairbrother (appointed 10/15-leaver 10/16)
  • Mr Max Corney (leaver 10/16)

Dates of Governors’ Meetings 2016/17

Autumn Term 2016

 Monday 12th September      6pm             Full Governors
 Saturday 17th September     9am -12noon Governors’ Training morning
October (TBC)                        2.45pm         Premises/Health and Safety
Monday 3rd October              6pm             Full Governors
Monday 10th October           4.30pm         Finance and Resources
6pm            Teaching and Learning
October (TBC)                        4pm             11-19 Development Committee
Wednesday 2nd November   6pm             Full Governors
Monday 7th November         6pm             Full Governors
Monday 28th November       6pm             Teaching and Learning
Wednesday 30th November 4pm           Premises/Health and Safety
Monday 5th December        4pm              Finance and Resources
6pm              Full Governors

Spring Term 2017

Thursday 12th January        6pm             Finance and Resources
Monday 16th January           6pm             Teaching and Learning

Thursday 19th January        6pm             Full Governors
January (TBC)                       4pm             11-19 Development Committee
Monday 6th February          5pm             Audit Committee

6pm             Full Governors
Tuesday 7th March               6pm             Full Governors
Monday 13th March             6pm             Teaching and Learning
March (TBC)                      2.45pm           Premises/Health and Safety
Tuesday 28th March           6pm             Full Governors

Summer Term 2017

Tuesday 4th April               6pm             Full Governors

Tuesday 2nd May               6pm             Full Governors
Monday 15th May               6pm             Teaching and Learning
Monday 22ndMay             6pm             Full Governors
Monday 5th June(as required)6pm    Finance & Resources
June (TBC)                       2.45pm         Premises/Health and Safety
Monday 26th June              6pm          Full Governors                                               

Attendance at Meetings

The Board of Trustees has formally met 8 times during the year 2015/16.

Attendance during the year of the Board of Trustees was as follows:
Mrs K Anderson (Staff) October 2015-April 2016                 3/4
Dr K Feltham (Vice Chair)                                                           7 /8
Mrs S Baseley (Parent)                                                                 6/8
Ms J Bessell (Community)                                                          8/8
Mr M Corney (Chairman/Trustee/Community)                    8 /8
Mrs L Fairbrother (Parent) Appointed October 2015           6/8
Miss S Hefford (co-opted)                                                          5 /8
Miss A Hefford (co-opted) Appointed end Sept2015           5/7
A Hitchon(Community)December 2015-February 2016     1 /3
Ms S Jones (Principal)                                                               8 /8
Mrs A King (Staff)                                                                        6/8
Mr P Marks (Community) November 2015-May 2016        3/4
Mrs S Ogwang (Parent)-resigned May2016                           1/5
Mr M Scully (Staff)                                                                      6/8
Mrs I Ward (Community)                                                          6/8
Mr J White (Community)-resigned May 2016                      5/5
Mrs J Waddington                                                                       7/8
The Finance and Resources committee is a sub-committee of the main Board of Trustee has formally met 7 times during the year.
Attendance in the year out of a possible 7 meetings was as follows:

Mr K Feltham 7/7
Miss S Hefford (Co-Opted)6/7
Ms S Jones (Principal//Trustee/accounting officer) 7/7
Mrs A King (staff) 7/7
Mr M Corney (Trustee/Community) 6/7
Mr P Marks (Community) March 2015-May 2016 1/1
Miss A Hefford (Co-opted) Appointed March 2016 3/4
Other attendees from May 2016 onwards-committee open to all governors to attend
Mr M Scully (Staff) 1/3
Dr P Machon (Community) 3/3
Ms J Bessell (Community) 3/3
Mrs J Waddington (Community)-(Chair from October 2016) 3/3
Mrs I Ward (Community) 2/3
Mrs S Baseley (Parent) 1/3
Mrs L Fairbrother (Parent) 1/3

Pecuniary Interests

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