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Internet, email and network security

Robert Smyth staff: please be vigilant when using the internet, email and the Academy network. Remember:

  • Don’t open mailed attachments from people you don’t know, and even those you receive from contacts you should regard with suspicion, ensuring the subject line and accompanying text looks right
  • Don’t click on mailed web links without verifying the source (Tip: also, hover the mouse over the link and it will reveal its true location)
  • PDF files can contain viruses, so be wary of those, too
  • Be extremely cautious when dealing with unsolicited mails
  • Browse only verified sites
  • Don’t click YES when offered a ‘great way to speed up your computer’ or ‘a great way to keep malware at bay’ as these are almost certainly gateways to trouble – yes, adverts that offer ways to secure your computer often have the very opposite intention
  • If your internet home page changes suddenly, or additional toolbars suddenly appear, this is a sign of malware infection and you should report this immediately to ICT Support

Verifying the source of mails might delay things a little, but getting struck by one of these viruses will cause a great deal more disruption for you and, possibly, all of your colleagues.

If you suspect something is wrong, DO NOT just shut down your machine, instead kill your link to the Internet immediately. If you’re at work contact ICT Support right away, if you’re elsewhere run a scan using the provided anti-virus software Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection before you shut down. Whatever else happens, DO NOT connect to either the network or the Internet again without your device being given the all clear by us – a virus can spread across network drives within minutes.

A little paranoia can be a healthy thing when it comes to computer security.

T Forder, Network Manager

Last updated: September 21, 2015