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Exam Boards


Name Syllabus Code Board
A2 Level : Applied Science H575 OCR
A2 Level : Art & Design Textile Art 2204D AQA
A2 Level : Art, Fine Art H561 OCR
A2 Level : Art, Photography H563 OCR
A2 Level : Biology H421 OCR
A2 Level : Business Studies 9BS01 EDX
A2 Level : Chemistry (Salters) H435 OCR
A2 Level : Computing 2511 AQA
A2 Level: Creative Writing 2751 AQA
A2 Level : D & T, Product Design 2551 AQA
A2 Level : Drama and Theatre Studies 2241 AQA
A2 Level : Economics & Business Studies (Nuffield) 9EB01 EDX
A2 Level : English Language and Literature A 2721 AQA
A2 Level : English Literature A 2741 AQA
A2 Level : Film Studies 3181 WJEC
A2 Level : French 2651 AQA
A2 Level : Further Mathematics (Mei) 7896 OCR
A2 Level : Geography B 9GE01 EDX
A2 Level : German 2661 AQA
A2 Level : Government & Politics C 9GP01 EDX
A2 Level : Health and Social Care 2820 AQA
A2 Level : History 9HI01 EDX
A2 Level : Information and Communication Technology 3241 WJEC
A2 Level : Mathematics (Mei) 7895 OCR
A2 Level : Media Studies 3291 WJEC
A2 Level : Music 9MU01 EDX
A2 Level : Music Technology 9MT01 EDX
A2 Level : Physical Education H554 OCR
A2 Level : Physics A H559 OCR
A2 Level : Psychology A 2181 AQA
A2 Level : Sociology 2191 AQA
A2 Level : Spanish 2696 AQA
Ext Project H856 OCR
Sports Leaders Level 3 SL
Sports Leaders Level 2 Community SL


Name Syllabus Code Board
AS Level : Applied Science H175 OCR
AS Level : Art and Design Textile Art 1204D AQA
AS Level : Art, Fine Art H161 OCR
AS Level : Art, Photography H163 OCR
AS Level : Biology H021 OCR
AS Level : Business Studies 8BS01 EDX
AS Level : Chemistry  (Salters) H035 OCR
AS Level : Computing 1511 AQA
AS Level : Creative Writing 1751 AQA
AS Level : D&T, Product Design 1551 AQA
AS Level : Drama and Theatre Studies 1241 AQA
AS Level : Economics & Business Studies (Nuffield) 8EB01 EDX
AS Level : English Language and Literature A 1721 AQA
AS Level : English Literature 1741 AQA
AS Level : Film Studies 2181 WJEC
AS Level : French 1651 AQA
AS Level : Further Mathematics  (Mei) 3896 OCR
AS Level : Geography B 8GE01 EDX
AS Level : German 1661 AQA
AS Level : Government & Politics 8GP01 EDX
AS Level : Health and Social Care 1821 AQA
AS Level : History 8HI01 EDX
AS Level : Information and Communication Technology 2241 WJEC
AS Level : Mathematics  (Mei) 3895 OCR
AS Level : Media Studies 2291 WJEC
AS Level : Music 8MU01 EDX
AS Level : Music Technology 8MT01 EDX
AS Level : Physical Education H154 OCR
AS Level : Physics A H159 OCR
AS Level : Psychology A 1181 AQA
AS Level : Sociology 1191 AQA
AS Level : Spanish 1696 AQA


Name Syllabus Code Board
Btec: Level 2 Certificate in Business EA227 EDX
Btec: L2 Extended Certificate Business EA228 EDX
Btec: Foundation L1 Cooking Skills WP016 EDX
Btec: Foundation L2 Cooking Skills WP017 EDX
Btec: Level 1/2 First Award Sport BKA57 EDX
Btec: Level 2 Ext Certificate Sport WP029 EDX
Btec: L3 Nat Subsidiary Diploma in Sport HRL11 EDX
Btec: First Award Public Services PKE57 EDX
Cert in Use of Mathematics 4350 AQA


Name Syllabus Code Board
GCSE: Art and Design J160 OCR
GCSE: Astronomy 2AS01 EDX
GCSE: Biology J243 OCR
GCSE: Business Studies J253 OCR
GCSE: Business Applied Double 2AB01 EDX
GCSE: Business Applied Single 2AB02 EDX
GCSE: Chemistry J244 OCR
GCSE: Computing J275 OCR
GCSE: D&T, Food Technology 4545 AQA
GCSE: D&T, Product Design 4555 AQA
GCSE: D&T, Textiles Technology 4572 AQA
GCSE: Dance 4231 AQA
GCSE: Drama J315 OCR
GCSE: Economics J320 OCR
GCSE: English Literature Specification A 9715 AQA
GCSE: English Language Specification A 4705 AQA
GCSE: French 4220 WJEC
GCSE: Geography 2GB01 EDX
GCSE: German 4260 WJEC
GCSE: History J417 OCR
GCSE: Home Economics (Child Development) J441 OCR
GCSE: Leisure & Tourism Double 2LT02 EDX
GCSE: Leisure & Tourism Single 2LT01 EDX
GCSE: Mathematics (Linear) 1MA0 EDX
GCSE: Mathematics (Linear) J567 OCR
GCSE: Mathematics Additional 6993 OCR
GCSE: Media Studies 4812 AQA
GCSE: Music 4272 AQA
GCSE: Music 2Mu01 EDX
GCSE: Physical Education 2PE01 EDX
GCSE: Physics J245 OCR
GCSE: Religious Studies J621 OCR
GCSE: Religious Studies (Short Course) J121 OCR
GCSE: Science Additional J242 OCR
GCSE: Science Double J241 OCR
GCSE: Spanish 4520 WJEC
IGCSE: English 522 CIE
OCR Cambridge Nats L 1&2 Science J815 OCR
OCR Cambridge Nats L 1&2 Science J816 OCR
OCR Entry Level Pre for Work OCR
OCR Level 2 Award Thinking Skills J930 OCR
Sports Leaders L1 (Y10) SL
Sports Leaders L2 (Y11) SL
Arts Award Level 1 Bronze TCL
Last updated: January 13, 2015