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Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to allow as much choice as possible to suit your learning style, interests and strengths.

The Core

These are subjects that all students must take. The core includes: GCSE Mathematics; GCSE English Language; GCSE English Literature; GCSE in Double Science; PE (non-examined, one lesson per week); RE/Citizenship (non-examined, one less per week).

The Options

You can choose from a wide range of GCSE or equivalent level courses. You need to choose four subjects and add two reserve choices.

It is important to talk to your teachers and follow the guidance given when making your choices.

Curriculum Presentation

Here is the presentation used at our 2017 Key Stage 4 Curriculum/Options Evening.

key stage four curriculum presentation


key stage four courses booklet 2015

Here is our booklet about Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11) options and courses. The list of options in not definitive at this stage, but acts as a guide to the likely choices for those students joining Robert Smyth Academy in 2017.

Due to significant demand, we have reinstated Religious Studies in our 2017 Options choices. There is no guarantee of it being offered: as with every subject it will be dependent on the number of students choosing it. We did, however, listen to feedback from a number of parents and students during our Options Evening, and felt that there may well be enough demand for it.

Last updated: October 27, 2016