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Thunderhall was the sequel to Hallraiser, a comedy & music event ran by Chris Wells with Robert Smyth’s Comedy Club (Monday Lunchtimes Room 48 or Hammond Studio)  to raise money for the Main Hall which has seen better days.

After a mad amount of preparation and advertising, it was finally the night we had all promised to blow people’s minds. The keen large audience took to their tables with drinks and sweets unprepared for the awesome about to hit them. The host came out and initiated chanting of the show’s title which powered up the band to play the opening chord to the opening song. Everyone ran away to allow the first stand-up comedian of the night; Anthony Pollard, to distribute his funny. What followed was a series of laughter inducing events that needed to be seen to be believed, highlights included incrediband Tapestry unleashing their unique sounds to shocked ears, a joke about crayons, as well as a particularly tongue twistering tale written by aforementioned funny thrower Anthony Pollard. The interval allowed the distribution of the tasty Pizza Bar, headed by Queen of Eats Emma Spencer which was as fulfilling for the soul as the acts were. It all ended as it started with the audience chanting “THUNDERHALL THUNDERHALL” to the megasounds of Mr Pope’s wondrous guitar & Mr Twigger’s bellowing bass. It couldn’t have gone better.

A special thanks must be made to the amazing sound and tech crew who put in a barmy amount of hours making the event what it was, especially Benjamin Freestone, Catherine Swanwick with students Conor Robb and Adam Marshall. As well as all the students and staff who manned the multiple bars of pizza, sweets & drink kind, it wouldn’t be half the event without them.

The total raised was well over £1100 all to go to restoring the Main Hall to its former glory.


Taken by the awesome Steve Althorpe & Edited by Chris Wells

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Last updated: June 9, 2014