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Wi-Fi in the Sixth Form

The new wi-fi facility in the sixth form centre will provide access to the internet in two ways: firstly, staff and 6th form students will be able to use their own internet-enabled device; and secondly, a small cluster of iPads will be made available for short-term use.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) works very simply. Students connect to the Academy wi-fi signal, enter their usual school network credentials into a basic portal, after which they will be able to browse and use the internet. This facility will be securely filtered in the usual way and will be subject to the standard Acceptable Use Policy agreement.

Alternatively, an iPad may be loaned out to students (subject to availability) for a time-limited period. Access to the internet will not require the use of network credentials.

It is essential that the BYOD Policy document is read and understood prior to using BYOD.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy

General information

Access to the 6th form wireless facility is filtered in compliance with the Academy’s Acceptable Use Policy. However, access from personal devices is limited to internet use only. Users will not have direct access to any documents or facilities that reside on the school network from their personal devices. Access to the wireless facility is a privilege, not a right. Any use of the facility entails personal responsibility and compliance with all academy rules and policies. Gaming devices are NOT allowed.

Guidelines for use

  • Use of personal devices during the school day is at the discretion of teachers and staff
  • The primary purpose of the use of personal devices at the academy is educational
  • The use of a personal device is not to be a distraction in any way to teachers, staff or other students. The use of a device must not distract others in any way
  • The use of personal devices is covered by the Robert Smyth Academy ICT Acceptable Use policy
  • Students must bring their personal devices to school fully charged, and are NOT permitted to recharge their devices on school property
  • Students must not attempt to circumvent the school network security and/or filtering. This includes attempting to bypass proxies
  • Devices must be in silent mode at all times

Consequences for misuse/disruption (one or more may apply)

  • The device may be confiscated for the period or rest of the day
  • The device may be confiscated until a parent/guardian collects it
  • The student may be refused permission to use personal devices on Academy property
  • Disciplinary action may be taken in accordance with existing Academy policies

Academy liability statement

You bring your own personal device(s) to use at Robert Smyth Academy at your own risk. It is your duty to be responsible in the upkeep and protection of your device(s). Access to the facility may be monitored, suspended or terminated at any time if this policy is not adhered to.

Robert Smyth Academy will not be responsible for:

  • Personal devices that are broken or damaged while at school or during school-related activities
  • Personal devices that are lost or stolen at school or during school-related activities
  • Maintenance or upkeep of any personal devices
  • Technical support of personal devices


Are there any restrictions as to what type of device can be used?
Gaming devices are NOT allowed. Other than that, if you can connect to the signal you can use the facility.

Will there be access to the usual network facilities?
No. This facility is intended to be for Internet browsing use only.

How easy is it to use?
Very easy. Connect to the Academy wi-fi signal, and on the resulting portal enter your academy network username and password.

Do I need any other software?
No. For your own protection, your device will ideally have its own anti-virus and anti-malware software installed – this is crucial for any device accessing the Internet. We have taken steps necessary to protect our own network.

What if my device is damaged, lost or stolen?
This information is covered in the BYOD Policy document which you should read first. Robert Smyth Academy accepts no liability or responsibility for these devices, and their use is entirely at the owners’ risk. Please report any damage, theft or loss to Mrs Blackler.

What if I have a device that won’t connect to the facility or to the internet?
No support relating to individual user devices is provided by Robert Smyth Academy staff under any circumstances. However, as a guide, some devices may need their cache clearing out prior to use, and also we may not be able to compensate for restrictions configured into future devices.

If I am using my own device, why should my use be restricted by filtering?
Robert Smyth Academy has a duty of care to our students. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and secure internet use experience, and we meet this obligation by enforcing our ISP’s standard filtering service.

What if my battery runs flat during use?
You should ensure that your device is fully charged before leaving home. You are not entitled to recharge your device on Academy property.

I get a security/certificate warning when I use the facility, what can I do about this?
Simply choose to continue.

I cannot access a specific website, what can I do?
You will not receive the usual EMBC Filter warning if the site is blocked – it will simply timeout. Alternatively, if you are using an iOS device such as an Apple device it may be that Apple has refused the connection and you may need to reattach to the wi-fi signal.

I sometimes need to connect twice to the wi-fi signal before I can browse – why is this?
If you’re using an Apple device, it needs to authorise its connection via Apple, and this doesn’t always happen first time. We cannot advise on other devices.

Last updated: October 12, 2012