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New Year 10 Student Transfer Calendar 2016/17

Below are the key dates for students joining the Academy in Year 10 in 2017.

Autumn Term 2016

Wednesday 26th October
Options Evening – for Parents and Year 9 students at Robert Smyth Academy Sports Hall – 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm

By Friday 2nd December
Year 9 option forms returned to Robert Smyth Academy.

Spring Term 2017

Year 9 students informed of option allocation during this term.

Summer Term 2017

Friday 9th June
Transfer of Year 9 Teacher Assessments to Robert Smyth Academy.

Wednesday 28th June
Year 9 Parents’ Evening at Robert Smyth Academy Main Hall – 5.30 pm

Friday 7th July
Induction for Year 9 students at the Robert Smyth Academy.

Thursday 14th July
End of Summer Term.

Autumn Term 2017

Return date TBC
Start of Autumn Term for Year 10 students.

Last updated: October 23, 2016