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UCAS – Information for ex-students

• Log on to the UCAS system and apply as an ‘INDIVIDUAL’ and not through Robert Smyth Academy.

• Enter ‘Mrs Sue Jones, Principal’ as the referee.

• Enter the Robert Smyth Academy’s email address: office@rsacademy.co.uk

• When you have completed the necessary relevant details, UCAS will be able to link your application to the Robert Smyth Academy.

• Please complete UCAS APPLICATION SLIP: EX-STUDENT on-line providing the following details:

1. Name & date
2. Contact telephone numbers
3. Email address
4. Date of leaving the Robert Smyth Academy & Former House
5. Courses applying for at university

• Then email completed slip to office@rsacademy.co.uk

Click here to download the form

• Robert Smyth Academy will create your reference, attach it to your application and submit to UCAS.

This process can take up to 2/3 weeks to complete.

• UCAS will email confirmation to yourself and the Academy to confirm that the completed application has been received.

If you need any further information please contact Mrs Hall on 01858 440770.

Last updated: February 19, 2017