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The Academy Day

At Robert Smyth Academy we have six 50 minute periods per day and a 20 minute tutor time at mid-morning. Our registers are taken electronically using SIMS Lesson Monitor, which is why there are no tutor periods at the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions.

Students should be on the Academy site for 8.40am for when the bell goes in readiness for their first lesson which starts promptly at 8.45am

For Monday to Friday, the structure of the day is:

Period 1 08.45
Period 2 09.35
Tutor period 10.25
Break 10.45
Period 3 11.05
Period 4 11.55
Lunch 12.45
Period 5 13.35
Period 6 14.25
End 15.15

Period 7 lessons are scheduled in some subjects at A Level from Tuesday to Thursday from 15.25 to 16.15.


Senior staff present the theme of the assemblies and then the House Leader talks about issues such as daily bulletin items, house competitions and extra-curricular opportunities.

Students are expected to arrive promptly and behave appropriately.  Absent students are followed up by their tutor.  It is very important for all students to attend.

Tutors remain with their tutor groups during this time and will hand out any important information at the beginning or end of the assembly.

Each week a theme is identified which is introduced in assembly and maybe reinforced or discussed in tutor times on other days.

Monday Year 10 or 11 assemblies

Tuesday Bragg

Wednesday Hammond


Friday Sixth Form and/or Year 7

Other assemblies often supplement this programme, for example if we have an outside speaker, or if a particular issue or event is relevant to a particular group of students (Year 10 will have an assembly about work experience, for instance).

Last updated: January 30, 2017