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Details of our arrangements for Year 11 exam preparation and study leave have been sent to parents. A copy of the letter is available from our Letters Home page. We have also published materials relating to revision strategies.

Recently students in Year 8 visited for our ‘Explore‘ day. Students had the chance to sample a range of subjects and to trial a day as Robert Smyth students. We look forward to welcoming them into Year 10 in the future.

If you haven’t already done so, I would encourage you to read the introductory letter from Darren Turner, Executive Principal (Secondary) from the Tudor Grange Academies Trust, about the future of Robert Smyth Academy.

Richard Taylor, Acting Principal

Find out more about the benefits of applying for FREE SCHOOL MEALS. For KS5 students our 16-19 Bursary Fund is a source of financial help.